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What We Do

How We Do It

Turret Difference

What We Do

Turret Investment Management is a full-service investment services firm focusing on putting clients’ interests first.  Turret Investment Management was founded by financial advisor W. Skyler Harrison in 2016 with the goal of ensuring clients are educated on their investment options, receive sound advice, and obtain an unrivaled level of customer service.  He brings years of experience from his work on the wholesale distribution, broker/dealer, and retail investment sides of the investment management business.  This experience allows him to tailor investment portfolios that seek to specifically pair investment strategies with the needs of clients. Focusing on advisory/fee based relationships, Skyler also specializes in retirement planning, wealth transfer, income generation, and investing life insurance proceeds to help ensure a legacy that lasts for generations to come.

How We Do It

Turret Investment Management's Multi-Step Process consists of:

  • Client needs discovery 

  • Pairing client needs/desires with strategies

  • Client Education

  • Product strategy and portfolio construction

  • Ongoing product strategy and portfolio analysis

  • Ongoing Client Review

Why We Are Different

At Turret Investment Management, we focus on putting client's interests first.  We believe that clients should be educated on their investment options, believe in transparency of fees and costs, and only engage in products and services that are mutually beneficial for both our firm and the client

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